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Меня Зовут ALLY: 5-10 серии. -18+

Меня Зовут ALLY: 5-10 серии. -18+

Ally Breelsen was born on March 16, 1994 in Moscow. Super hot and beautiful Ally started her career in 2015 when she was still a teenage girl at the age of nineteen, she is also active as a webcam girl.

In the past two years Ally changed several aliases including Angelina Doroshenkova, Ally Lee and Jaclyn Taylor.

В главной роли – актриса кино специально для взрослых, смолянка Ангелина Дорошенкова или Ally Breelsen. With incredible passion and talent, this Russian babe managed to turn the last two years into successful start of her career. She has been performing in all porn genres such as anal, POV, group sex, hardcore, lesbian, for women, squirting and toys, she is also active as a webcam girl. По ее словам, это главный веб-сериал про порноиндустрию – всё показано изнутри. Смоленская порнозвезда сняла сериал про порноиндустрию.

Бондарева Алена, 13 лет, Мачавариани "Романс,Смирнова "Тарантелла"

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